Beard Oil vs No Beard Oil

Beard Oil vs No Beard Oil

Have you heard about beard oil?...No? Well, your friends or family could be using it on their beards daily! Let's get into some of the pros and cons of using beard oil and what could happen if you continue to not use beard oil at all.

Have you heard about beard oil?...No? Well, beard oil may not be a very common product or even talked about in a lot of barbershops. However, believe it or not, your friends or family members may be using it on their beards daily! If your beard needs help in growing, then you could use it. However, if you don’t you could still use it to make your beard fuller, shinier, and even stronger. So, it depends on what you and your beard needs are!

Let's get into some of the pros and cons of using beard oil and what could happen if you continue to not use beard oil at all.

What are the Pros to Using Beard Oil?

Depending on the ingredients, there can be a number of pros on why you should use beard oil. The oil is manufactured with key ingredients that our hair and pores will love that will provide the area with the minerals needed for your beard to flourish. One of these ingredients is grapeseed oil which has anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and fatty acids properties that will contribute to healthy hair follicles and strands.

For added benefits, you can massage your beard with the oil every night to promote blood circulation. Your blood is the transportation system of your body, so it provides the key areas of your body with the nutrients that it needs. Therefore, it will provide your beard with the nutrients needed for it to grow, be shinier, stronger and even softer.

What are the Cons to Using Beard Oil?

Some beard oils are manufactured with cheap ingredients that manufacturers love because they can sell more at a cheap/affordable/high price. These ingredients will increase the product sizing so that you’ll feel like you’re getting a high-quality product for an affordable price. However, these ingredients are reducing the health of your hair, day by day. The chemicals will dry out your hair that may cause breakage, knots, tangles, loss of moisture, loss of sheen, and loss of strength.

Also, if beard oil is not used properly then it can make your face greasy/oily. If you rub your beard and chin with the oil excessively, it will spread to the other side of your face. The excess oil will clog your pores and cause your skin to react negatively and cause facial issues that we all detest. You may start suffering from acne, breakout, pimples and so much more. And, who wants that? So, ensure that you are using the beard oil as per the instructions to reduce any effects.

What are the Pros of Not Using Beard Oil?

Not using beard oil has benefited some men because their skin, especially their face, is sensitive to different products and ingredients. Hence, they could try a beard oil today and their skin reacts negatively toward it and causes burns, scarring and so much more. So before using any new product on your beard, especially a beard oil, read the ingredients to see what is exactly in it. Then, deliberate if these ingredients will work well with your skin or skin conditions.

Also, it has benefitted others by preventing them from having low self-esteem because of the facial issues that would happen after using the oil. Hence, they are free to go to work, school or hang out with friends or their significant other without worrying about their face.

What are the Cons of Not Using Beard Oil?

The main disadvantage of not using beard oil in your routine is to not have another avenue to achieve your goal of having a healthy beard. Remember beard oils contain different oils such as essential and growth oils that our hair will love. These oils will penetrate the pores and aid in promoting hair growth by lengthening the anagen (hair growth) phase. Once it is increased, your beard will keep growing especially if you are massaging it.

Should I Use Beard Oil or Not?

In conclusion, beard oil has its advantages and disadvantages whenever we use or don’t use in our daily routine.

You have to ask yourself the following questions before purchase:

  1. Does applying a beard oil work within your daily/weekly routine?
  2. Are you easily allergic to new products that will cause breakouts?
  3. Are you willing to research the ingredients in the popular beard oils?
  4. Do you know family/friends who it has worked for?

Once these questions are asked and answered correctly then you can make an informed decision on whether to get beard oil or not. Using a beard oil can be a hit or miss for you. In the end, it depends on what works for you (and your beard).