Beard Wash by Beard Organics
Beard Wash by Beard Organics
Beard Wash by Beard Organics
Beard Wash by Beard Organics
Beard Wash by Beard Organics
Beard Wash by Beard Organics

Beard Wash

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We aim to ship your order out as soon as possible. Please see our Shipping Policy for more information. 

Where do you ship to?

We ship both domestically and internationally. To see our latest shipping location updates, please see our Shipping Policy for more information.

What makes Beard Organics different than other beard oils?

We are the only beard oil that moisturizes your skin while nourishing your beard. No harsh chemicals, dyes or additives that dry skin and cause outbreaks.

Why is it important to only use organic ingredients?

Other beard oil brands will add lots of unnecessary chemicals, dyes, and additives to lower costs and speed up production. The end product always ends up drying out your skin and causing outbreaks.

What ingredients do you use?

The Beard Organics formula is simple and composed of a special carrier oil base that is then mixed with essential oils for a lightly scented beard oil blend. They are all natural and organic ingredients which guarantees the highest quality and purity.

The base ingredients that we use are:

  • Jojoba oil which moisturizes without leaving a greasy residue.
  • Grapeseed oil which reduces brittleness while adding sheen and shine.
  • Argan oil which reduces dryness and itchiness. 
  • Avocado oil provided essential vitamins and nutrients to help moisturize your beard and skin.

Due to its low availability and high cost, most beard oil brands use a nasty synthetic Argan alternative that causes outbreaks. Beard Organics only uses pure organic Argan oil to keep your skin fresh, clean, moisturized and looking its best.

We finish off the beard oil blend with pure essential oil. Most essential oils on the market are full of chemicals that dilute the oil and wreak havoc on your skin. We only use organically grown and harvested 100% pure essential oils.

What if I have a comment, question, or concern?

You can always get in touch by contacting us at or our contact form.

Is Beard Organics sold locally?

One of our goals is to have our products in barbershops, salons and retail locations in Arizona, the remaining U.S. and abroad. If you know of a location that should stock our products, please have them contact us.

Natural Beard Wash

Our beard wash is formulated to clean, soothe and moisturize your beard by using organic aloe vera, manuka honey, rosemary and biotin. It produces a gentle lather that is good for everyday use, while also powerful enough to tame and revitalize your beard.

Beard Wash Benefits

💦 Gently Cleans, Soothes & Moisturizes

🧔‍♂️ Revitalizes Your Beard Follicles

🥊 Fights Beard Dandruff & Dry Skin

🌿 Made with Natural & Organic Ingredients

Beard Wash Scents

Bright lime tones helps enhance this tropical vibes of this scent.

Scent-free and hypoallergenic for those who don't like scents or like to mix with other beard products.

Refreshing hints of lemon, tea tree and frankincense for a royal, effervescent scent.

Sharp eucalyptus combined with a fresh lavender for an aromatic scent.

Earthy tones of cedarwood along with sweet orange for a great morning-time scent.

Crisp hints of green apple + spicy, amber tones for a signature scent.

Free Shipping On U.S. Orders $49+ 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee 365-Day Returns
Free Shipping On U.S. Orders $49+ 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee 365-Day Returns