Unique Beard Styles Without A Mustache

Unique Beard Styles Without A Mustache

Every beard has important considerations that need to be considered so that you and your mane look the best. A beard without a mustache should be appropriately tailored to your face shape and desired style. Here are some ideas to get your style game going. A beard without a mustache can be done effortlessly once you know your face shape. Determine your face shape by breaking out some measuring tape. Here is a chart that shows you the measurements you will need in considering the best style for you. 

You can further add to your own flair by styling your beard with scents, oils, waxes, and balms that are sure to keep you looking camera ready at all times. Be sure to experiment with different variations that are suited to your face shape to find the look that fits you best. With the right tools and scissors, you can shape your beard to highlight your unique individual features that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking to be a trendsetter or a rebel, there is a beard style that is paired with any outfit to boost your aesthetic appeal and overall sexiness. Further accessorize your head and face with hats, earrings, or piercings that can help you create a fashion ready look.

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Long Shaped Faces

If you have a long face, then you might want to take a look at styles that are full on both sides and short on the bottom. Up your beard’s sexiness by maintaining your chin and neck--an extended goatee is a great option.

This style has commonly been seen on musician Chris Daughtry, who favors a flared sideburns that accentuates his strong jawline. Chris’ beard features a bit of patchiness for a slightly disheveled look to add to his rocker image.

Triangle Shaped Faces

Abraham Lincoln famously sported a Old Dutch Style beard that is connected by sideburns and is allowed to flare outwards at the bottom. Other famous people that have tried various spins on this classic style include Christian Bale. Bale’s mustache is needed, but it adds definition to his triangle shaped face. You can experiment with this chin friendly style by keeping your cheeks hairy or hair free. Keep your upper lip shaved to further accentuate your chin.

Tip: If you’re looking to maximize the style and softness of your beard, then it is best to stick with a beard balm that contains all natural ingredients. The best beard balms will be free of dyes and artificial scents. Natural beard balms are sourced from plants and typically use essential oils to keep your beard smelling magnificent. You can pamper yourself with scents like Sweet Almond or Coconut Lime. No matter which one you use, your beard will still get that sheen and shine without dryness and greasy residue.

For example, a beard balm may feature a carrier oil to help moisturize and nourish against irritating itchiness. A carrier oil such as our Signature Blend Beard Oil containing jojoba oil can be paired with your favorite all natural beard balm to help prevent your pores from clogging. If beard balm is not exactly up your alley, you can always get moisturization through beard wax. Beard wax is similar to beard balm, except beard wax is left in your beard so that your beard can soak up all of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Keep your mane picture worthy so that your beard’s luster, shine, and volume remains intact at all times. Bad weather? No problem! Beard wax is sure to help you keep your beard’s hold in rain or shine. You know what they say -- an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Avoid a fashion disaster by taking the steps to maximize your beard game and keep you on point. If you find yourself in a pinch with no scissors nearby, you can always use a little beard wax or beard oil to keep those pesky stray hairs at bay.

Oval Shaped Faces

Men with oval shaped faces typically have cheekbones that are slightly wider than the jaws. This means that the length of your face is larger than the width of the cheekbones. Your forehead will be larger than the jaw-line, and the jaw will be at an almost rounded angle. Make sure that you maintain some hair on your chin since in this face type the chin is rounded. A short beard covering the chin, which is groomed on a regular basis, looks very attractive on a rounded chin. Popular celebrities that sport this style are Chris Hemsworth, Enrique Iglesias, and Zac Effron. Samuel L. Jackson looks classy and sleek sporting a full beard here. Paired with the right clothes and an award winning smile, the right beard can help you radiate the kind of confidence that Jackson has to become the leading man in any situation.

Tip: Men with oval shaped faces will appreciate a beard comb and beard oil to complete a beard care kit that is swoon worthy.

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Oblong Shaped Faces

Hugh Jackson sports a variation of the Mutton Chop, which definitely seems to be making a comeback lately. Notice that the width of his forehead is equal to the width of his jaw. His jaw is short, which makes the vertical height of his face more than the horizontal width of the upper and lower portions of his face. He looks fresh and fly as if he’s ready for a big executive meeting. Don’t worry you can achieve a similar look by tailoring your beard style to your unique proportions. Be bold and go with a full length beard or mix and match with some form of a goatee.

You don’t have to use a beard with a mustache to hide your features. This style is great for beards without a mustache because you can use stubble and beard shortness to your advantage. Some scruff and definition to your jaw can add to your sex appeal without taking away from your natural features. You can use these possibilities to go for a short boxed look that is sure to please no matter what the occasion.