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What are the Best Types of Wood for Beard Combs?

What are the Best Types of Wood for Beard Combs?
Best Comb For Reducing Beard Split Ends

Sandalwood Beard Comb

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  • Made of Natural Sandalwood
  • Invigorating Wooden Scent
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So, you are feeling quite proud of your beard these days. It’s got length, style and is undoubtedly triggering a bit of beard admiration and envy among a few spectators. Congratulations, you deserve a pat on the back for your achievements. Maintaining a well-groomed beard requires quite a bit of dedication, but starts with your beard oils and beard comb.

Beard comb? Yes, your beard comb is a heavy-hitter in what it takes to master your beard care regimen. Using anything other than a wooden comb just won’t do.

Types of Beard Combs Other than Wood

Beard combs are available in a variety of materials including plastic, metal, and cellulose acetate. Unfortunately, some of these materials are not beneficial for use in your beard grooming ritual.

1. Plastic Beard Combs

Believe it or not, plastic combs are not as useful as wood combs. Cheaper combs can shred your beard and ruin the overall structure of those strands you are working so hard to grow and maintain. This result occurs because the plastic comb is notorious for having little jagged edges that are not detectable to the human eye that can cause hair breakage.

Finally, plastic combs can cause static which can be highly frustrating when you are trying to achieve that perfect look.

2. Metal Beard Combs

Metal combs are also not ideal for beard care because they can generate a fair amount of static electricity much like the plastic comb. If your hair is difficult to manage, it is not likely that a metal comb will make your life any easier.

3. Cellulose Acetate Beard Combs

Cellulose acetate plastic beard combs are not the same as your standard beard comb. They are cut from acetate sheets, rounded and put through a polishing process to remove rough edges like those we commonly encounter in regular plastic combs. This comb is not likely to trigger the same harmful effects as a regular plastic comb thanks to the quality of these accessories.

Selecting Beard Comb Teeth Sizes

Combs are available with various teeth sizes. Keep In mind that the hair on your face is weaker than that on your head, therefore, selecting the wrong type of comb can trigger thinning or hair loss. Comb teeth sizes vary from fine-tooth to wide-tooth combs. The comb you choose should align with the length and thickness of your beard.

1. Fine-Tooth Wood Combs

Fine-tooth combs work well for people with thinner beards, straighter hair, or those who are just getting started in growing their beard. They deliver a bit more precision than a wide-tooth beard comb.

2. Medium-Tooth Wood Combs

Medium-tooth combs are perfect for those who medium to short beards in length.

3. Wide-Tooth Wood Combs

Wide-tooth beard combs are the best option for men who have the thicker or more voluminous beard. Unlike the fine-tooth comb, wide-tooth combs can navigate more massive amounts of hair without getting stuck or snagging the hair.

What is the Best Type of Wood for Beard Combs?

What is the best wood for beards? The short answer is sandalwood or pearwood combs and picks rank supreme. Sandalwood Beard Combs are the upper echelon of beard combs because of their smooth texture, unique scent, and massaging qualities.

What are the Benefits of Using a Wood Beard Comb To Groom Your Beard?

High-Quality sandalwood or pearwood beard comb or a wood beard pick coupled with an organic beard oils is an absolute must-have in your arsenal of beard care products. Whether you are growing your beard or trying to maintain a clean-looking beard, choosing the right beard comb can make all the difference in the world.

There are several benefits of using a wood beard comb versus one that is composed of plastic or metal for you to consider.

1. Minimizes Tangles

Beard comb quality can be a determining factor between sporting a beard that appears to be a patch of unkempt tangles, fuzz, and coarse strands or a beard that looks and feels soft to the touch. Wooden beard combs help to detangle hair without breakage or damage to your hair follicles.

2. Distributes Your Beard Oil Products

Beard combs are excellent tools for helping you to not only spread beard oil from root to tip, but they help to establish and maintain the dimensions of your beard's shape.

3. Stimulates Circulation

Wooden beard combs help massage your skin and stimulate circulation to the region beneath your beard which is essential for healthy hair growth.

4. Promotes One Direction of Growth

Another incredibly positive side effect of combing your beard is that it trains your hair to grow in a specific direction. It also helps to keep ingrown hairs to a minimum.

5. Removes Dirt Build Up

Wood combs when used in combination with beard oil, aides in the removal of dirt from your skin, eliminating breakouts, and combatting beardruff.

6. Favorable Lifespan

Wooden beard combs have a long lifespan. The good news here is that you won’t find yourself having to replace these combs every other month.

How Often Should You Use a Beard Comb?

You may wonder if using his accessory to comb your beard hair should daily, multiple times per day or a few times throughout the week. The frequency in which you comb your beard will depend heavily on the beard style you are attempting to wear. You want to avoid poor maintenance practices.

If you are not careful, it is possible that you could over groom your beard. Too much of a good thing may contribute to split ends or beard shed. Too little use of this accessory and you may encounter with frustrating tangles and knots.

Adding A Beard Comb To Your Beard Grooming Regimen

Adding A Beard Comb To Your Beard Grooming Regimen

In conclusion, you now know that wood beard combs go hand in hand with selecting an excellent beard oil for achieving an optimal beard. Beard Organics offers multiple beard oil products with the perfect blend of essential oils that can provide a wide variety of benefits to your skin and beard.

Beard Organics revitalizes beards by restoring shine, infusing moisture and naturally protecting your hair and skin from bacteria. These oils not only rejuvenate the state of your beard but they nurture the surface beneath it.

As always, before using a product that contains essential oils for the first time, take steps to perform a skin patch test to ensure that you do not have a skin allergy to this product.

Not sure yet which oil will best meet your beard’s needs? Order the Beard Oil Sample Collection today.

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