BurtonsBeardOil.com was a beard care company established in Rancho Cordova, California headed by Adam Burton. On January 23, 2024, Burton’s Beard Oil website was merged into BeardOrganics.com. Dustin Porchia is the Owner of Beard Organics and now is the owner of BurtonsBeardOil.com.

The content from Burton’s Beard Oil has been archived here on this website.

What did Burton’s Beard Oil do?

Burton's Beard Oil is a family owned and operated business that produced handcrafted beard care products. They were established circa 2015 in Rancho Cordova, California and officially Launched in April 2016. Eventually closing their doors in 2020.

What does Beard Organics do?

Since 2015, Beard Organics has been a pioneer in producing organic beard oil, beard wash and beard conditioner in Arizona and providing it to men all over the world.

The synergy between the two brands, Burton’s Beard Oil and Beard Organics resulted in a successful merger of the websites.

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