Beard Balm vs Beard Wax: Which should you use?

Beard Balm vs Beard Wax: Which should you use?

Beard balm and beard wax both share the same ingredients, but differ in purpose in helping to care for the growth of your facial hair. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind so that your sexy mane stays lush, soft, and irresistible for every occasion. Whether you opt for beard balm or beard wax is a personal choice. However, using beard products without knowing their ideal purpose can frustrate your goals if you are not careful. How you choose to apply your product also plays a role in how effective the product will be upon your beard. The product application process can also play a role in the routine maintenance and care of your beard.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is akin to beard oil, but both products are far from identical. Beard balms work to condition your beard. If you’re looking to maximize the style and softness of your beard, then it is best to stick with a beard balm that contains all natural ingredients. The best beard balms will be free of dyes and artificial scents. Natural beard balms are sourced from plants and typically use essential oils to keep your beard smelling great. Beard balm also contains a greater amount of butter than beard wax – the butter can be made of shea or cocoa. Shea or cocoa butter can boost the malleability of your beard so that it’s easier to sculpt and hold your beard in place.

For example, a beard balm may feature a carrier oil to help moisturize and nourish against irritating itchiness. A carrier oil such as jojoba oil, which is found in our Signature Blend Beard Oil can be paired with your favorite all natural beard balm to help prevent your pores from clogging. Dead skin cells can build up to create acne and irritation breakouts that are no fun. Beard balm helps your pores breathe by adding an extra layer of protection to capitalize on the growth environment that your beard follicles need to stay healthy. This is especially true if you're trying to maintain a beard throughout the cold winter months or if you live in an arid climate. If you struggle with beard dryness and itchiness, then a beard balm is the way to go.

How to Apply Beard Balm

You should always start with a clean and dry beard before beginning to apply your beard balm. Melt the balm by rubbing a small portion of it between your hands for a smooth and even application. If your beard is short, you will require less product – adjust the portion size according to your beard length. Then, work the balm from your skin all the way down to the tips of your beard follicles. Your beard will be left with a slight gloss to it – the look and feel of your beard should not be greasy. You can then brush or comb your beard like normal.

Beard Wax

Beard wax can be naturally made from beeswax or sourced from wool-bearing animals such as yaks and sheep. Beard wax is ideally suited for men with wispy or unruly beard hair. Beard wax takes longer to absorb, so it gives a shinier appearance that can make your beard stand out above all others. Men with long beards will find that beard wax makes their mane easier to tame and control. Consistency is the ideal goal for men looking to sustain volume, shine, and moisture without constantly needing to apply product. Beard wax is a slow acting method of conditioning your beard as opposed to beard balm. If you have a thick beard, the feel of beard wax will be hardly noticeable as it sits in your beard. Waxier than beard balm, beard wax will help your beard keep its hold if you live in a wet or humid climate. Rain or shine, beard wax helps keep flyaway hairs at bay without fuss. It will keep your beard looking nice and strong while protecting your beard from outside elements.

Sometimes known as styling wax, beard wax is a key essential for men that value their beard’s hold. Determining which beard wax will provide you with the best hold can be difficult to know – focus on the concentration of the ingredients. A higher quality beard wax will be listed in the first few ingredients to signify that the product contains more wax. Lower end products will skimp on the amount of wax and will often be full of cheap fillers that do little to help your beard. Don’t miss out on nourishing vitamins and minerals without considering the health effect! Lower tier products also contain more parabens that can harm your skin – and your beard.

The ability to style and customize your beard is another important factor if you’re someone that likes to experiment with your appearance. Beard wax is great if you’re looking to maintain a particular style over an extended period of time. Paired with a natural beard, you can achieve a more professional or traditional look with ease. Beard wax will give you a stronger hold than beard balm, and is ideal for longer beards with a voluminous shape. Consider combining beard wax with a beard comb and beard oil to complete a beard care kit that is competition worthy. Beard wax is ideal for men that like to stylize their appearance with uniquely personal looks that add to their individual flair.

How to Apply Beard Wax

  1. You will want to remove any dirt and debris from your beard with a thorough wash and dry.
  2. Be sure to comb and free your hair of any tangles so that you can maximize your beard’s surface.
  3. Expose the wax to some warm water so that the wax becomes soft and pliable.
    Be sure not to over expose your wax to the warm water – you do not want the product to become like a liquid in consistency.
  4. Gently scoop a small amount of beard wax between your thumb and index finger before rolling it against your fingers to make the beard wax even softer.
    It’s a good idea to let the beard wax dry once applied to your beard to make sure it is thoroughly absorbed.
    If you are pressed for time you can always use a blow dryer, but don’t use too much heat. You can gently pat your beard with a clean cloth or towel to remove any excess product.