Best Beard Oils for Black Men

Best Beard Oils for Black Men

Grow The Beard You’ve Always Wanted

Fit For A King Beard Oil

Boost beard growth. Eliminate beardruff. Stop beard itch.
  • 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Eliminates beard itch and beardruff
  • Stimulates beard hair growth over time

There are plenty of beard oils for black men. But, what is the best beard oil for black men? Our answer: The ones that are made with natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients should include a combination of Carrier Oils, Essential Oils, butters, and creams. These ingredients will nourish the beard with the nutrients (minerals and vitamins) needed for it to be easier to manage and grow.

We decided to research for you by choosing what we believe are some of the best beard oils for black men:

Fit For A King Beard Oil - Beard Organics

Fit For A King Beard Oil by Beard Organics

Made with natural and organic ingredients, this handmade beard oil by Beard Organics works just as good as creamy based beard softeners.

This beard oil contains a blend of carrier and essential oils that are loved by black men. These oils include Castor Oil which is for hair growth, Avocado Oil penetrates the hair shaft to provide moisture, tea tree oil to reduce inflammation of the scalp, and Grapeseed Oil adds sheen to your strands. There is an hypoallergenic beard oil option as well.

No need to drench your beard in the oil as a little goes a long way. The vitamins from a dime size amount will be able to penetrate the hair follicles to work its magic. And, it will stay there for a couple of days. Ensure to massage the area to increase the potency of the oil.

Handmade Beard Oil - Nature Boy Products

Handmade Beard Oil - Nature Boy Products

This oil mixture contains oils that are rich in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, protein, folic acid and so much more. All of these benefits will penetrate the hair follicles beneath the beard to impart all of the nutrients to the hair follicles and scalp. Thus, encouraging hair growth, impart moisture, and adding the sheen that you desire.

Smoothing Beard Serum - Scotch Porter

Smoothing Beard Serum - Scotch Porter

Another option is the. It boasts a new formula that contains avocado oil and Jojoba Oil. We should all know Jojoba Oil is great for our hair follicles as it is the only oil’s whose chemical nature is close to that of the sebum that is produced by our scalp. Hence, any product that contains Jojoba Oil will help to improve the overall health of your beard similar to sebum. It will provide it with the moisture, sheen, and strength that it needs to maintain the health of it.

Similarly to most beard products, a little goes a long way. If you oversaturate your beard with it, it results in it being weighed down, dripping oil, and not being effective.

My Serum Beard Oil - Evan Alexander Grooming

My Serum Beard Oil - Evan Alexander Grooming

Evan Alexander Grooming curated a mixture of oils using organic ingredients in a lightweight formula. Hence, a small amount contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your beard will love.

The mixture is rich in antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that will meet your beard needs with moisture, sheen, strength and improving the overall health of it. After a couple of consistent uses you should see improvements in the health of your beard, therefore, increase growth, reduction in breakage, single strand knots and even split ends.

Classic Beard Oil - Fresh Heritage

Classic Beard Oil - Fresh Heritage

The classic beard oil by Fresh Heritage boasts that your beard will be thicker and fuller in 2 weeks. We can’t confirm nor deny the claim, but we can tell you what it makes up.

It contains all-natural oils such as pure Moroccan Argan Oil, coconut oil, sunflower, sweet almond oil, essential oils and our beard’s favorite – Jojoba Oils. No inorganic ingredients such as mineral oil, gluten, parabens or sulfates were used in the manufacturing of this oil.

The oil has the oils needed to penetrate the beard hairs and impart moisture into them. Also, while moisturizing it helps to soften and thicken your beard.