Best Oils for Beards: What are the Benefits of Using Sunflower Oil for Beard Care?

Best Oils for Beards: What are the Benefits of Using Sunflower Oil for Beard Care?

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What is Sunflower Oil?

Sunflower Oil has become pretty popular within the past couple of years, especially in the natural hair and beard care industry. You can trace the use of sunflower back to the early 1830s. although at that time it was being used for cooking as a healthy alternative. However, in the early 2000s, research has shown that it can be used on our hair.

Is Sunflower Oil One of The Best Natural Oils for Beard Growth?

Sunflower Oil is one of the best naturals to use if you want to grow a longer, thicker and fuller beard.  Sunflower Oil is rich in omegas fatty acids and Vitamins A and C. The omegas allow the oil to have anti-inflammatory properties. This is great for the scalp as it aids in healing, preventing or stopping any severe scalp issue that is stunting your growth.

Can Sunflower Oil Stimulate Beard Growth?

In short, yes, Sunflower Oil can help stimulate beard growth. Sunflower Oil can also help stop the growth of free radicals that rob your beard of the growth that it truly deserves. In the end, your beard will be getting the vitamins that it needs to promote beard growth that is stronger and able to reach its full potential. The high concentration of the vitamins allows your beard to be at its best. In other words, it will be shinier and softer. So, it will be able to boost your confidence while washing your beard (and hair) a daily breeze.

Does Sunflower Oil Condition Your Hair?

Sunflower Oil is able to condition the hair shaft of your beard. The fatty acids can penetrate the hair shaft to merge itself into it. Therefore, providing your hair strands with what it needs to absorb hydration as well as stay hydrated.

Sunflower Oil Benefits for Skin

As a natural oil not only will Sunflower Oil benefit our beard growth, Sunflower Oil will help benefit our skin as well in these ways and more:

It has emollient properties

The fatty acids from the oil previously mentioned are able to keep the skin’s moisture level at bay. So, you can apply to your body as a body oil as well if you want to stay “moisturizer” for the days ahead.  he optimum level.

Maintains the health of your skin

Remember the oil contains A as well as Beta-Carotene. The body will convert the beta carotene to “vitamin” a so it’s easier to be absorbed into the skins. It is able to smooth, soften, reduces dark spots, heals cuts, as well as provide UV Protection.

Prevents premature greying

Sunflower Oil has antioxidant properties that will seep into the skin to provide the various areas with what it needs. If consumed consistently or the oil applied generously to the skin, it can prevent premature ageing. Now, this isn’t an overnight success as it will improve the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels needed.

Provides the skin with a light sheen

Sunflower Oil is a lightweight oil that makes the application of it to the skin seamless. No need to worry about feeling “oily” after applying a few drops. The oil is absorbed into the hair shaft to provide the skin with “a glow”.

Can be used as a sunscreen

Sunflower is rich in omegas, fatty acids, anti-bacterial, and anti-microbial properties. All of which work together in an effort to fight off the UV violet rays outside. So, you can add a few drops to your favorite sunscreen for an additional boost.

Remember, growth will not be overnight. You have to be consistent in the application of the oil by doing it daily along with massaging the beard.