Best Oils for Beards: What are the Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Beard Care?

Best Oils for Beards: What are the Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Beard Care?

Olive Oil has been used within the beauty industry for years now.

I’m sure you grew up with someone in your family using olive oil on their hair because it softened, grew and added the necessary sheen to their tresses. It was one of the first oils that we were introduced to growing up when it came to hair/beard care. It has been applied to the scalp, massaged into the scalp, steamed into the hair or done using a hot oil treatment.

What is Olive Oil?

The use of Olive Oil can be dated centuries back used by the Greeks and Romans. However, at the time it was referred to as “liquid gold”. The name resonates with the colour of the oil once you purchase it cold-pressed. Olives were seen as a superior fruit as the branches of the tree were given to athletes during the Olympic games. It was used as a part of their skincare routine through massaging, soaking their body in the oil or being applied to their face.

Is Olive Oil One of The Best Natural Oils for Beard Growth?

Olive oil is one of those oldie but goodie oils within the market.

Though there has been a barrage of oils that came up in the market that we never heard of growing up, people still resort back to what they know. The question now becomes a statement as it is one of the best natural oils for beard oil. In the next paragraph, we will delve into why.

Can Olive Oil Stimulate Beard Growth?

Olive oil contains antibacterial properties which help improve the health of your scalp. They are able to penetrate the scalp to correct whatever damage has been done. Therefore, improving the health of your follicles so they can produce the new growth and sebum needed to coat the new growth.

Does Olive Oil Condition Your Hair?

Conditioning is the act of applying hydration into the hydration stands so that it is able to retain it so that it will stay moisturized for days. Olive oil moisturizes the beard because of the fatty acids that are in it such as oleic acid. These will penetrate the hairs on your beard as well as the scalp to impart its moisture unto each strand. This is why your hair is usually softer and easier to manage after using olive oil consistently.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

Although it is a thick oil, it has a multitude of benefits for our skin.

Moisturizes Your Skin

Using oils on your body and your face will allow the oil to act as a barrier. So, it will prevent the hydration added from bathing, washing your face or spritzing either form leaving the skin. So, the skin is able to stay moisturized for longer.

Acts as sunscreen

Olive oil has a high concentration of antioxidants. The oil contains “squalene” which is a type of fat that gives the oxidants in the oil a boost. The boost allows it to prevent the UV rays from touching the skin to wreak havoc.

Able to fight bacteria

A lot of organisms may exist beneath the skin. Each of which may be causing more harm than good to us. So, the olive oil’s antibacterial properties are able to fight any unknown and/or unwanted organisms such as bacteria.

Softens the skin

The oil is rich in emollients that will aid in softening the skin. Once the hydration is absorbed and locked in, the layers of the skin can access it. The continuous access to it allows the skin to always be hydrated, moisturized, soft and easier to handle.

Nourishes Healthy Skin

The olive oil is absorbed into the skin to provide the body with the array of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed. Once they are taken from the oil, they are then transported to the various area that needs them the most, which is our skin. So, the oil puts the skin in condition to function at its best.