Shea Olein for Beards: What is it and What are the Benefits?

Shea Olein for Beards: What is it and What are the Benefits?

Shea Olein may seem like a new oil that has just appeared within this space. However, it has been around for centuries as it is derived from the infamous hair butter which is known as “shea butter”.

What is Shea Olein?

Shea Olein is harvested from the shea tree in the form of the oil through a process called filtration. In the same way that shea butter is good for hair and skin, the oil is even better.

Is Shea Olein Oil Good for Beard Growth?

Shea Olein oil contains anti-inflammatory properties which are great for scalp health. Your scalp does a lot in trying to maintain its natural functions so that it is continuing hair growth as well as sebum. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil will aid in fighting off the free radicals, soothing the inflammation as well as cooling down the scalp. All of which puts the scalp in a great condition to function optimally.

Can Shea Olein Stimulate Beard Growth?

Due to all of the amazing properties for the health of your scalp, Shea Olein can stimulate beard growth, but the consistency in using the oil is key. Your beard will not grow overnight, but it can start to grow if you are applying the oil regularly as part of your grooming routine by massaging it into your beard to increase blood flow and promote even more growth. Another thing that can help with beard growth is improving your diet with healthy fruits, meats, and vitamins.

Does Shea Olein Condition Your Hair?

Shea Olein will condition your hair as it does contain essential fatty acids that have emollient properties. All of which are great at penetrating the hair shaft to immerse itself into every “beard” strand. As well as, once your hair absorbs these key minerals it will reduce dryness, split ends, breakage, tangles and all other nuisances with growing your beard.

Shea Olein Benefits for Skin

Similarly, to how we can use shea butter on our hair, it is great for skin as well.

Here are some of the benefits of Shea Olein for Skin:

Protects from the UV Rays

Shea oil can function as your sunscreen as the oil absorbs and reflects the UV rays when we are exposed to sunlight. It is preventing the rays from directly reaching the skin’s top layer which can cause sunburn, skin cancer and much more.

Acts as Emollient

Emollients are great if you want to penetrate the hair with hydration and/or prevent the hydration added from leaving the surface. So, it has good water-binding properties to keep your skin hydration, smooth and soft for a long period of time.

Anti-Aging Properties

Shea oil contains collagen which aids in boosting cell production as well as regenerating “old” or “weak” cells.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the main benefits of shea olein is its anti-inflammatory properties. Shea olein reduces skin irritation which causes your skin to be dry, spotty, bruised and much more. Beard oil made with shea olein has anti-inflammatory properties will go beneath the skin’s layer to heal the inflamed skin beneath your beard.