What Does Beard Oil Do? | The Science and The Benefits

What Does Beard Oil Do? | The Science and The Benefits

Getting your beard hair from peach fuzz to a thick bristle has a lot to do with your skin and testosterone levels. Beards can give off a more mature appearance while also protecting your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays. During the cold winter months, a beard can protect your skin from chapping if you live in a windy or cooler climate. Letting your facial hair grow out means you can ditch that razor and spend less time in the bathroom shaving. Painful nicks and cuts from shaving can also introduce your face to acne-causing bacteria from your razor. Although facial hair is very delicate, it doesn’t always have to be so messy or nearly as painful.

The Science and Benefits of Beard Oil

Believe it or not, there is some science involved when creating the optimal growing environment for your facial hair. So how does it all work exactly? Hair of any type naturally wicks oil from your skin so that your hair retains its natural moisture and softness. However, beard hair is a little bit different because as your beard grows it becomes harder to wick the oil towards the full length of a strand. In every beard hair follicle, there is a sebaceous gland which secretes sebum or oil. Growing a beard requires your skin to draw upon moisture and other natural oils to stimulate beard oil growth. Genetics can play a role in the sensitivity of your beard hair follicles as well, which is why some beards are wispier in appearance while others are a lot denser. Suppose you didn’t win the genetics lottery – and that’s okay - but as you age your body will increasingly struggle to maintain its testosterone production.

Why Your Skin Care Routine Matters

One way to counteract against the evils of nature is by applying a beard oil immediately after washing your face or taking a shower. Washing or cleansing your face will easily open up your follicles and pores allowing the oil to absorb easier into the skin. Additionally, skin care during the change of seasons is important, too. Facial skin care is critical in cold or windy conditions as this can make your skin more vulnerable to dryness and irritation. Depending on your desired beard size and length, this can be problematic if you are looking to achieve a healthy and full beard. Luckily, you can fight against dryness and tangles by boosting the growth environment for your facial hair with beard oil. If you are someone that struggles with beard growth due to dry skin, then you should consider using natural and organic products to promote richness and growth in your beard.

Beard Care Management Through Moisture Rejuvenation

Beard oil is essential to softening the skin underneath the beard so that your facial hair stays moisturized. Beard oil can play a role in reducing beard itch, which is commonly seen during early beard growth. Facial hair that becomes too dry will eventually become brittle and may fall out. Patchy beards can irritate the skin, especially in areas where hair growth is too thin. Cold or windy conditions can also strip the skin of the moisture it needs to create the beard thickness needed for a lush look. A dry face can lead to acne, painful ingrown hairs, and frustration for the user. It also serves as a hydration barrier against flakiness, peeling, and drying to make your beard’s growth more manageable.

Those with sensitive or acne-prone skin should try the Purple Koala’s Beard Oil blend because it contains castor, avocado, grapeseed, and eucalyptus oils. This unique blend of ingredients helps fight against inflammation to soothe your skin. These powerful yet effective oils are used to protect, coat, and hydrate the strands. In addition to containing a calming effect on your skin, the Purple Koala also contains natural lavender for a calm and relaxing scent. It’s antioxidant properties also boost collagen production while mitigating beard itch and facial hair damage.

With beard oil, you can skip the strong aftershave and highly fragranced colognes. With fresh scents such as Coconut Lime and Morning Wood Beard Oil, these will soften your hair and have you smelling fresh. All Beard Oil products contain natural ingredients such as vitamin E to promote a growing environment for the most optimal beard. Beard hair is often rougher in texture, but beard oil can quickly add softness and a vibrant shine to your look for a more styled appearance. With clean ingredients, beard oil will not clog pores or inhibit sebum production either.

Tame flyaway hairs and train the direction of hair growth by using a Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb. These special bristles glide through the beard to untangle matted hair and penetrate the hairs to gently exfoliate the skin. With each stroke, the comb works to carry the skin’s natural oil called sebum from root to tip. Available as a standalone comb or included within a beard comb and beard oil bundle, the Natural Sandalwood Beard Comb also helps remove dirt and grime from your hair. Paired with any Beard Oil, this process will give you a shiny, clean, and presentable look – the epitome of a well-groomed man.