Beard Stop Growing? Here Are Some Reasons Why

Have You Noticed That Your Beard Stopped Growing? Here's Why

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The growth of your beard is a complex and delicate process that requires routine care. Otherwise, you could cause beard split ends or worse, your beard could stop growing out. Maybe you have followed every step correctly, but to no avail. We will discuss some common mistakes and habits that can inhibit beard growth.

Poor Maintenance

Similar to the hair on your head, everything concerning your beard has to do with your skin. Maintaining a poor skin routine will inhibit growth because your follicles are not provided with the nutrients needed to grow your mane. A solid skin routine involves being critical of the ingredients that you apply to your face and beard. You should be consistent in your routine and know that a luscious beard is not grown overnight.

The Fix: Use All Natural ingredients

Keeping your skin clean with a mild cleanser on a daily basis can boost growth by getting rid of dust, dirt, and bacteria from your face. You should aim to exfoliate at least one a week to ensure that your skin remains clog-free.

Check the back of your product’s label to see what ingredients it might contain. Artificial ingredients and dyes can contribute to dead skin, which can cause irritation and breakouts to occur. Clogged pores can make it difficult for your skin to breathe, so look for an oil containing jojoba such as our Signature Blend Beard Oil. If you are not sure where to start, a beard balm that contains all natural ingredients is a great option that will set you up for optimal success. Be sure to stay away from products containing dyes or artificial scents. For a more natural aroma, consider using essential oils to keep your beard smelling great.

Your Beard Is Too Dry

Common causes of a dry beard can stem from using harsh soaps and shampoos that can strip your beard of key nutrients and vitamins needed for better growth. A dry beard is more prone to breakage. Breakage leads to weak hairs that will eventually cause split ends. Capitalize on your beard growing efforts by choosing to apply all moisturizers and conditioners right after a thorough wash. When you apply your products, your beard should be slightly damp to ensure that your beard’s surface is primed for maximum absorbency.

You should also consider the impact of climate on your beard’s overall growth. If you live in a dry and arid climate, then moisture will be harder to retain due to evaporation. Consider upping your moisturization routine by switching to less water based products.

The Fix: Moisturize

Be sure to moisturize and nourish your beard with a beard balm or beard wax, which will keep your beard lush and soft. Snagging your hair follicles or damaging the ends is a critical mistake that can also lead to dryness and often results when a low quality comb is used for brushing. Therefore, reach for a natural Sandalwood Beard Comb instead of a metal comb. Get the comb as part of a beard oil and comb combo so that it’s easier on your skin and wallet. The comb features widely spaced teeth for a smooth and painless experience while combing your beard.

Overstyling Your Beard

The ability to style and customize your beard is another important factor if you’re someone that likes to experiment with your appearance. However, how you style your beard can play a role in stressing out your beard hair and it’s foilicales.

The Fix: Pay attention to your styling methods.

When you style your beard you should always be gentle and use products specifically made for beards. Be sure not to be too aggressive in applying heat because your beard hair is most vulnerable when wet. Try to plan your beard care routine well in advance so that you can air dry your beard rather than blow drying it. Excessive heat can make your hair brittle while negatively impacting the shine, softness, and volume of your beard. Ironing your hair frequently uses heat to ensure a longer and straighter look -- be aware that ironing your beard too much can cause it to take on a more rough and wiry appearance.

Likewise, avoid manually pulling out your beard hairs when drying it with a towel, especially if you’re using a terry cotton towel. Running your beard hair through the cotton terry towel is like rubbing your beard hair against sandpaper - ouch! The constant tugging and pulling can damage the base of the hair follicle and cause it to weaken or fall out.

You’re too stressed

Our busy lives can result in not getting the right amount of sleep or exercise that our bodies need to remain healthy. Stress hormones such as cortisol are produced when your body perceives stress, which triggers a flight response within the body. Consequently, your heart rate and blood pressure will increase as your adrenal gland kicks into high gear. Stress can impair the flow of vitamin and other nutrients to your hair follicles and reduce your overall beard growth.

The Fix: Reduce stress through action.

Take proactive measures by first examining your lifestyle? Do you get enough sleep and exercise? If not, consider making changes to your daily routine. Make an effort to be more active throughout the day -- workout at a gym or take a walk during your lunch break. Instead of being a couch potato, consider being active during periods where you would normally be sedentary. For example, you can lift weights while you watch your favorite TV show. If you are a big gamer, perhaps you can incorporate fitness into your entertainment routine. Zumba is a great solo or group activity that adds variety to any fitness session through dance. Virtual reality games like Knockout League let you bust up a sweat as you dodge and fight against a boxing opponent. No matter your preference or skill level, there are a variety of ways that you can amp up your activity. Being more active will help you sleep better at night -- just be sure to commit to an earlier bedtime. Ditch the late night snack runs with a balanced diet that carries you throughout your day. Aim to add more color to your plate by eating more leafy green vegetables to your diet.