Taming and Styling A Wiry Beard

Taming and Styling A Wiry Beard

Maybe you are pouring through an old photo album or just taking a stroll through memory lane. Do you notice anything different about your facial hair? Perhaps your chin whiskers are not as thick and full as they once were. Don’t go into crisis mode just yet because you and your beard are not as doomed as you might think -- no matter what Mother Nature has to say.

Similar to the hair on your head, as you age your beard will thin out due to your beard’s fragility. Peach fuzz is no fun, especially if the hairs come out as coarse or wiry looking. You do not want to just continue letting your thin beard grow out because if you do, then you may wind up with hair that looks too prepubescent for your liking. However, there are some things you can do to keep your beard thick and luscious. The volume and density of your beard can be cosmetically enhanced with the right tips and tricks -- we will let you in on a few secrets that will keep your beard looking full and thick in no time. You will not only turn heads, but you will be able to restore your beard back to its former glory. Here are a few things to consider in getting back to that thicker and fuller mane that you remember.

Condition Your Skin and Beard

Be sure to moisturize your skin because dry skin will result in a dry beard. When your skin becomes dry it starts getting pale and ashy. Your beard reacts similarly by becoming brittle, coarse, and wiry in appearance.

Dryness is the enemy of a thick and luscious beard. A dry beard will give rise to a frail and wispy appearance -- similar to a plant that has wilted. A wilted beard will also lose volume and density. Therefore, it is vital that you keep your mane moisturized as much as you can. A well moisturized beard is more tamable and easier to manage when styling. Depending on your preference, there are a few options to maintain your beard’s hydration levels such as:

  • Beard Wash: Specifically formulated for beard hair, a beard wash is great to use in the shower so that natural oils such as sebum oil are preserved. Stay away from applying regular shampoo to your beard because doing so can strip your beard of key nutrients and vitamins needed to stay healthy.
  • Beard Conditioner: You should naturally follow up a good beard wash with a high quality beard conditioner that will keep your beard hairs soft to the touch. Try to condition your beard at least twice a week -- adjust accordingly depending on your beard size and length.
  • Beard Oil: Beard oil is a great addition to your beard grooming tool kit in combating dry or brittle beard hair. Beard oil also serves as a hydration barrier against flakiness, peeling, and drying to make your beard’s growth more manageable.
  • Beard Balm: If you’re looking to maximize the style and softness of your beard, then it is best to stick with a beard balm that contains all natural ingredients for beard care. Up your moisture game by pairing your beard oil with essential oils to keep your beard smelling fresh.
  • Beard Wax: Consistency is the ideal goal for men looking to sustain volume, shine, and moisture without constantly needing to apply product. Beard wax is a great option that you can apply at night and wash off in the morning. Hydration while you sleep takes out the extra fuss while helping you maintain consistency across your beard care routine.
Conditon Your Skin & Beard

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Consider Using A Beard Filler

Add mass or volume to an otherwise wiry beard by considering whether to use a beard filler. Beard fillers are temporary cometic enhancers, but they can really save the day if you decide to go for a spontaneous night out or need to flash a quick smile for a photo. Here are a few considerations to help you decide which option may be best for you.

Beard pens are great if you want control in painting over any patchy or wiry areas of your beard. This method allows you to control the fullness of your beard’s overall look. It works using a microfiber tip to apply a wax that adds fill, shape, and definition to your beard. It enhances what you already have to help you achieve a more realistic beard. You should always stroke the pen in the direction that your hair naturally grows so that the result is more authentic. Try to stick to a pen that is close or similar to your beard’s color so that a uniform look is achieved. Made from wax or oil pigments, a beard pen or pencil can easily match most traditional beard colors. You will want to use a mixing bowl and application brush to get the right shade that you are looking for, especially if you are seeking a darker beard.

Akin to its pen or pencil counterpart, beard fibers act sort of like hair extensions to fill in bald spots and make your beard appear fuller. You can hide hair loss because beard fibers bond with your existing facial hair. Therefore, men that have more existing facial hair will see best results and optimal beard coverage. Before you start, you will want to make sure your beard and its skin are clean and dry to better effectuate the binding process. Help the fibers latch onto your beard by applying a beard balm or our Signature Blend Beard Oil for a secure bond. Apply the fibers using the product’s spray nozzle or applicator -- be sure to keep the spray nozzle about two inches from your desired area for a more even and natural look. Tame the edge of your mane by gently cutting or shaving off any fibers to your desired length. You can further shape your beard by molding the fibers to the outline of your chin and jaw. Use a fiber hold spray if you want the look to last a bit longer.

Start Using A Derma Roller

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If you are looking to get a long weapon in your battle against bead wispiness then, a derma roller might be what you need. A derma roller is similar to acupuncture in helping to rejuvenate your beard’s skin and follicles. Essentially, tiny microneedles roll against your skin’s epidermal layer to stimulate the repair of your skin -- and beard. The piercing of the outer layer of skin induces the production of collagen, an amino acid that is essential to promoting hair growth and strength. Some redness, minor bleeding, and irritation of the skin is perfectly normal and typically disappears within a few days. If you find yourself bleeding too heavily, it is a sign that you were too firm in applying the roller to your skin area, so go easy. Experiment with the frequency of your beard rolling sessions to find what works best for you and your beard -- every man is different and the frequency of sessions you may need can vary depending on your particular needs and goals.

Examine If You’re Living A Healthy Lifestyle

As you age, your body has a harder time producing and regulating your testosterone levels. Talk to your doctor about getting your hormone levels checked -- a lower libdo can result in beard thiness. Your doctor should be able to help you assess your options depending on your test results. Commit to a healthier lifestyle by substituting processed foods for natural or organic options. Eating more nutritious food will help you stay fuller longer and avoid the temptations of processed junk food. Say no to alcohol and reach for a glass of water instead -- your body and beard will thank you. Get moving and stay active by going on walks outside or working out in the gym more often. You will spur your body into action so that your beard is kicked into an optimal growing mode. Additionally, do not forget to think about the impact of your sleep habits on your beard. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body is not getting the optimal support it needs to recover after a busy day. After all, a healthy beard begins with a healthy man!

Give Your Beard A Trim

Some men may panic at the mere mention of a trim, but a trim is similar to pruning your beard. Use a trusted pair of beard scissors to snip at dry or beard split ends that can give your beard an uneven appearance. Be sure to take care of your neckline and cheeks to ensure a solid structure to your beard for uniformity. Trimming your beard also helps in preventing an unkempt appearance that can take away from your confidence and sex appeal.