10 Reasons Why You Should Use Beard Oil for Stubble

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Beard Oil for Stubble

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So, you’ve decided to grow stubble. Do you really need to use beard oil? Want to know what does beard oil do? Isn’t beard oil just for people with long, luscious beards who look like Vikings?

The answer is clear — you should definitely use beard oil, even on stubble. The main reason to use beard oil when growing stubble is to moisturize your beard and face. You’ll reduce itchiness, and your beard will feel softer overall. You’ll smell great, too!

Whether you plan to grow a full beard or stick with stubble, here are ten reasons all people with facial hair need to be using beard oil.

1. Make Your Beard Soft and Kissable

If nothing else, use beard oil to make your facial hair soft, silky, and kissable. If you don’t, it’s going to get stiff and prickly, and nobody wants to kiss that.

Whether you want your significant other to enjoy the feel of your soft facial hair on her chin, or you want to make a great first impression on a first date with someone you like, start moisturizing your beard with beard oil every day.

We recommend using beard oil once or twice a day, but you can also apply it before a date or before you go to an event. Just 2-3 drops are enough — you don’t want to make your beard too oily, either.

Using the dropper that comes with the bottle, place a few drops in your palm. Then, rub your hands together and gently massage the oil into your stubble. Make sure to cover all of your stubble — add an extra drop or two if you didn’t have enough at first. You want to go deep, so you soften your stubble at its roots.

Do this every day for longer-lasting results.

2. Moisturize Your Skin and Reduce Itching

Beard oil is just as crucial for the skin under your beard as it is for your beard.

You should be applying moisturizer to your face every day, but the skin under your stubble can be a bit more sensitive, especially when you are first growing out your stubble. Beard oil helps keep your skin moisturized and nourished and protects it from the wind and sun. Even oily skin needs moisturizing.

3. Reduce Itchiness

A common problem for people who have stubble is itchiness. Itchiness can occur due to many reasons, but it is especially likely when you are growing a stubble for the first time.

That’s because when you shave your beard with a razor, it leaves a sharp edge on each hair follicle. When you start growing out a stubble, those edges scrape against your skin. It can take a few weeks for that itchiness to go away.

A lot of men avoid growing out a stubble due to the itchiness that it causes. However, a simple solution to all that itchiness is — you guessed it — applying beard oil!

Beard oil helps soften your whiskers and tame those sharp edges.

Another common reason for itchiness is dry skin. This problem is widespread during the winter or in windy or dry areas. Fortunately, you can restore your skin’s moisture and prevent it from getting dried out again by applying beard oil before you go out for the day.

4. Prevent Beard Dandruff

Beard dandruff, or beardruff, is a problem that many men with stubble experience. It can be annoying and sometimes even embarrassing to scratch your chin and see flakes falling all over the place. That happens due to having dry, flaky skin.

Beard oil can prevent that. It keeps your skin moisturized and works the same way a conditioner does to keep your scalp moisturized and prevent dandruff.

Dandruff, including beard dandruff, is often fungal-based. Tiny fungi in your skin break down the sebum produced by your skin — those are natural oils, and some people have more of them than others. The fungi are supposed to be there, but when they break down the sebum into oleic acid, problems can start happening, as some people are allergic to oleic acid.

That can lead to redness, irritation, dryness, itchiness, and beardruff. You may notice redness accompanying your beardruff, which is a sign it is fungal-based.

Beard oil can help. For example, coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties and can help relieve your symptoms. You might want to check out our Coconut Lime beard oil blend, which is perfect for this.

4. You’ll Smell Amazing and Feel Confident

One of the main reasons many men get hooked on beard oil once they try it is that it often comes with unique scents that make you smell great. For example, some of the scents we carry include:

In addition to making your beard feel soft and silky, you will also smell great! Your date will love it, and you’re bound to catch a few people wondering out loud which cologne you’re wearing.

You can wear the same beard oil every time to adopt a signature scent that people remember you for, or you can switch it up for some variety.

Even a few drops of beard oil can have you smelling great for hours. It’s a subtle scent — it won’t be overpowering, but it will be pleasant to the senses. It can also be a great alternative if you run out of cologne but don’t want to go out without wearing a scent!

You can also use one scent for business meetings and another scent for dates. It will help put you in the right mood for each occasion and make you feel groomed and confident.

If you want to feel manly and confident, consider scents such as Fit For a King or our Signature blend. Those beard oils impart a masculine scent that is perfect when going out on dates. For something a bit more gentle and subtle, consider our Purple Koala, lavender and eucalyptus scented beard oil.

5. Keep Your Hair Healthy

Your hair needs essential nutrients to stay healthy. Otherwise, it can get brittle and crack. One way to keep your beard hair healthy is by applying beard oil.

Our beard oils contain only natural, organic ingredients, so they won’t harm your hair like a regular conditioner might. As an aside, that’s one reason you want to stick with beard oil instead of just using the same conditioner for your hair on your beard. While it might soften it somewhat, your beard is a different texture than regular hair, and it requires special care.

Beard oils usually contain natural, healthy ingredients. On the other hand, commercial conditioners often contain harsh chemicals that can make your stubble hard and prickly.

Here are some of the ingredients our beard oils contain:

All of these oils are full of minerals and vitamins. For example, they’ll provide nutrients such as vitamin E, potassium, and magnesium to your beard and face. That will help your beard whiskers stay healthy and nourished and prevent them from breaking.

6. Encourage Growth

Are you trying to grow out your beard but having a difficult time? Beard oil can help.

While the science isn’t conclusive on this, some evidence suggests that beard oil can help encourage growth for a few reasons.

First, beard oils such as our blends contain critical essential oils and vitamins that can help stimulate growth. For example, our Purple Koala beard oil contains lavender oil, shown in scientific studies to stimulate hair growth in mice.

While inconclusive, anecdotal evidence suggests that essential oils such as lavender oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil can help treat male pattern baldness and help with hair regrowth. While more research is needed, the same may also apply to your beard.

In addition, beard oil can simply make your beard look fuller! A scraggly beard might seem to contain less hair than it has. Beard oil can help you avoid that scraggly look, pull your beard hairs together, and make your beard look fuller.

7. Treat Acne

A lot of people struggle with acne — it’s entirely normal! When you only have stubble, your acne may be more visible than if you had had a full beard. Fortunately, beard oil can help fight acne.

Our Sweet Almond blend might be right for you. Almond oil is commonly used for treating acne. Here are just some ways almond oil helps treat acne:

  • Its fatty acids dissolve excess oil, which causes pores
  • Retinoids help improve cell turnover rates
  • It can reduce scarring and improve your appearance overall.

It is not just acne that beard oil is good for. Almond oil is also known to help with other skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis. If you suffer from any of those conditions on your face, especially around the beard or stubble area, you may find that applying beard oil every day can bring relief.

8. Make It Easier to Groom

Yes, even stubble requires grooming! If you want to be presentable and look good, you’ll need to start shaping and grooming your stubble, and beard oil can help you do that.

The first step, of course, is getting the proper shave. It’s a good idea to make your jawline stand out.

Do this by drawing a straight line from the top of your ear to the edge of your mouth on either side of your face and shaving everything above that. Make sure to keep your stubble below that line. Doing so will help define your jawline and make you look more masculine.

Make sure you get a clean shave, too, so your stubble is even across your face. Once you do that, however, you need to start shaping and smoothing your beard.

A beard comb is perfect for smoothing — it will help you point the edges of your stubble hair downward to make your beard look fuller and your jawline more defined. Add a bit of beard oil to keep the hairs in place so you don’t mess up your style when going out.

9. It’s Better Than Beard Balm on Stubble

Some men know the importance of using some sort of beard product, but they use beard balm instead of beard oil. While beard balm can be a good choice for those with longer beards, if you are using beard balm for your stubble, it’s time to stop and switch over to beard oil instead.

Beard balm is excellent for styling longer beards, as it provides a bit more of a hold than beard oil. On the other hand, beard oil is the superior choice for stubble, as it moisturizes your beard and skin and keeps it soft and gentle. Beard balm can be too sticky for your stubble and can make your skin feel greasy.

10. Save Money

So, should you use beard oil for your stubble? If you have stubble, you will need to use less oil than those with fully-grown beards — that means your little bottle of beard oil will last a lot longer, and you will save money. If you use a conditioner, you’ll likely use up your bottle a lot quicker, as you need more volume to lather and condition the same surface area.

A little beard oil goes a long way. That’s why they come in smaller bottles — you don’t need more than a few drops, and if you only have stubble, 1-2 drops might be enough. You can use a single bottle of beard oil for weeks o even months. Buy a few bottles with different scents, and they’ll last you a long time.

Final Thoughts

If you aren’t yet moisturizing your stubble or using beard balm or regular conditioner to moisturize it, it’s time to start applying beard oil daily.

At the very least, apply it before you go out so that you smell great — be ready for your date to compliment you or ask you what cologne you put on. Try it out — just stroke your beard after a few days, and you will immediately notice the difference.