Best Beard Brush for Short Beards

Best Beard Brush for Short Beards

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Attention all men with short beards! Have you tried using a beard brush as a part of your beard care regimen? If not, it is past time that you add this handy tool to your beard grooming kit. The marketplace is full of beard brushes that promise to deliver potent results. If you are new to the land of beard brushes, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a list of things you should know about selecting the best beard brush for short beards.

Benefits of Using a Beard Brush

Before we dive into what to look for in a good beard brush, let’s pause to examine a few of the advantages of using one.

Beard brushes are helpful for more than just styling and restoring order. A good beard brush improves your ability to evenly distribute your beard oils or beard balm from the root to the tip of your facial hair, it can detangle your beard, and it can help to stimulate blood flow, which is vital for healthy beard growth.

Beard Brushes for Beard Growth

Beard brushes can aid in your efforts to sculpt your beard and also leave it feeling soft and luxurious. They are useful for every phase of your beard growth journey once you move past that initial month. They are yet another way to rid your beard of dirt and debris that may clog your pores and disrupt the hair growth cycle.

Beard Brushes Boost Sebum Oil Production

Beard brushes boost sebum oil production, which is a fantastic source of natural oils that provide much-need moisture to your skin and facial hair. Brushing helps to distribute those natural oils just as it does with your favorite beard oil products.

Beard Texture

Beard brushes can help you take control of your beard’s texture. If you desire to loosen your natural curl pattern, kinks or coils, regular use of a beard brush can put you on the right path to achieving those goals. By changing your texture, you create a fuller look.

Choosing a Beard Brush

Choosing a beard brush might prove tricky if you do not know what to look for in the marketplace. The are multiple factors to consider before you decide to invest in your next beard brush.


Beard brushes are relatively affordable. They do range in cost from anywhere between $12 and $60, depending on the brand and quality of preference. There is no rhyme or reason for the price. Of course, the same rules apply for being too thrifty here with your beard brushes as it does with everything else in life. Try to avoid being too cheap as you run the risk of purchasing a beard brush that falls apart on you within the first week of use.


Beard brushes are available in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, and handle. An oval brush is perfect for you if you’re always on the go. A handle brush allows for more control in the growing process.

Beard Handles

Beard brushes have two types of handles, and that is the plastic and wood variety. Brush handles make navigating the brush a bit easier and are particularly helpful for those with longer beards. They can also make the task of training your beard to flow in a specific direction easier.

Beard Brush Bristles

First, you cannot talk about a beard brush without highlighting the fact that beard brushes have different bristle types. Why should you care about the kind of bristle a beard brush has? The type of bristle on a beard brush can make a difference in how well it distributes your beard oils and how well it caters to the length of your beard.

The most common types of bristles on beard brushes include boar, horsehair, vegan and synthetic.

Boar Bristles

Boar Bristles are the most sought after bristles because they are excellent for beard care. These tiny fibers not only help to distribute the beard oils throughout the beard, but they also retain oil during use. It’s an excellent tool for use in your fight against beardruff or itchy skin.


Horsehair fibers are natural, much like the boar brushes. They are excellent for men who have shorter and thinner beards.

Synthetic Bristles

Plastic fibers comprise the makeup of synthetic bristle brushes. They are not so great at distributing oil. Beard enthusiasts deem them as being cheap and virtually ineffective for the task.

Vegan Beard Brushes

Natural fibers that come from a plant that is native to Mexico comprise these bristles. They offer an alternative for those who might prefer not to use synthetic or boar bristles.

Why Use A Beard Brush vs. A Beard Comb?

You are probably wondering when it is best to use a beard brush over a beard comb. Both tools are useful for beard care, but beard brushes are especially helpful in distributing beard products like oil or balm throughout the beard and down to the skin level. Beard brushes are natural massaging agents that can provide relief for dry or itchy skin.

Also, beard brushes are an excellent way to help you rid your beard and skin of dirt, debris, and product build-up. Beard combs offer support for styling. They can also help to distribute your beard oils and are most beneficial for detangling exercises.

In Summary

Choosing the best beard brush for short beards will genuinely depend on a variety of considerations. Your beard texture, budget, and length will all be drivers in your final pick of the options in the marketplace. You must take steps to embrace a period of trial and error scenarios that allow you to try different options that will enable you to identify which brush or brushes that best suit the needs of your beard and skin.