Here’s How to Soften Your Beard in a Flash

Here’s How to Soften Your Beard in a Flash

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Beards may have a reputation for being rough, but there is no reason for you to live up to the stereotype of beard split ends and wiry hairs that detract from the overall quality of the hairs sprouting from your face. Softer beards are the way to go these days for multiple reasons.

First, your skin will thank you for eliminating this natural irritant. Wiry beards can trigger skin irritation at the base, generating unnecessary skin irritation. Soft beards help to maintain an environment on your face that can support your efforts to grow a thick, healthy beard.

Next, in addition to your skin, that special someone in your life has a skin of their own that might benefit from not having to endure the trauma of your wooly beard. Their skin can be just as vulnerable as yours to a nasty bout of beard rash. Finally, a soft beard helps to eliminate the unnecessary friction that can occur with having rough hair that can sometimes defeat your efforts to grow a healthy, thick beard.

Here are five tips on how to soften your beard in a flash!

Drink Water for a Softer Beard

Okay, drinking water probably will not cure a rough beard in five minutes. However, consistently hydrating your body can help to naturally support the flow of those crucial nutrients, like oxygen, iron, zinc, and other vital elements that are necessary to help you keep that beard feeling soft.

Beard Wash and Beard Conditioners

Beard washes and beard conditioners are specially formulated to not only cleanse your beard and face, but they are gentle enough not to rob your facial hairs and skin of their natural oils. Your natural oil, also known as sebum oil, is vital for achieving and sustaining a soft beard. Beard washes and conditioners can help you to see some immediate results in the overall quality of your beard, complementing those natural oils already in place.

How Often Should You Use Beard Washes and Conditioners?

During the initial phases of growing a beard, you should aim to use beard washes and conditioners every other day, or as often as you identify is necessary to have soft skin and a soft beard. For those of you who pride yourself in already having the King of all Beards, you might consider adopting a new or modified beard wash and conditioning regimen until you attain a softer beard, then hold steady.

Comb and Brush Your Beard

Never underestimate the power of a good beard brush and beard comb. A fantastic way to soften your beard in a flash is to pull out your beard brush and beard comb and get to work. If your beard comb and beard brush are not doing the trick, it may be time to determine if you are actually using the best beard brush or the best beard comb or if yours is coming up short.

You want to avoid plastic combs or brushes that are made of synthetic fibers. Low-quality products can contribute to having a low-quality, rough beard.

A good beard brush or beard comb can help to detangle your beard and help to distribute both beard oil and natural sebum oil from the root to the ends.

Trim Your Beard

Beard trimming is not just about shaping your beard. Did you know that your beard is susceptible to split ends just like the hair on your head? Split ends can become a problem as the hair sprouting from your face gain length. Rough beards can exacerbate or make the problem of split ends worse.

To avoid the problem of split ends, you should aim to trim your beard every six to eight weeks or more frequently for maintenance.

Beard Balm

Beard balms soften beards, and they help to soften your skin. They are another excellent product to use as a part of the beard care, grooming, and maintenance ritual. Applying beard balm to your facial skin, roots, then beard helps to stimulate blood flow to the region. Even distribution of this product, using a beard comb or beard brush, helps to condition your beard and skin, helping to minimize the chance for annoying events like beard itch and beardruff.

Beard balms can help to thicken your beard and provide you with a fair amount of control over your beard. When selecting a beard balm, take the time to read the label carefully. Look for beard balms that contain the best blend of essential oils, like argan oil, jojoba, grapeseed, vitamin E, or sweet almond oil, which all can help to soften your beard. These oils will help your beard to seal in moisture. Shea butter or cocoa butter are additional ingredients that can support your efforts to soften your beard.

Beard Oil

Finally, you must ensure that you are using the best beard oils for Black men to soften your beard. As previously noted, your beard oil choice should condition your both your skin and your beard. You may have to apply beard oil twice a day until you achieve the desired level of softness. Don’t rush this process. Take the necessary time to thoroughly massage your beard oil into your skin and beard from root to tip for the best results.

In Summary

In summary, there are multiple actions you can take to soften your beard. Of course, at the top of your list should be keeping your Beard Organics beard oil arsenal inventory at optimal levels. Next, you can adjust your beard grooming regimen by adopting or modifying your use of beard washes and beard conditioners. Trim your beard to get rid of those damaging split ends and use your beard brush or comb to tame those hairs and evenly distribute your beard balm, beard oils, and sebum oils from the root to tip for best results.