10 Beard Care Tips for Now and Beyond

10 Beard Care Tips for Now and Beyond

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Congratulations! You are either thinking about growing a beard, just getting started, or an old beard pro. No matter your station in the beard game, you must know that beards don’t grow themselves. Okay, just kidding, they can grow themselves, but they will undoubtedly need your attention along the way.

Here are ten beard care tips for now and beyond.

Prepare for the Long Haul

If you are new to the game, growing a beard begins with the preparation phase of the process. You will need to prepare yourself for the long haul. You are about to endure multiple stages of the hair growth cycle on your face, which will look and feel a lot different from what you might be accustomed to experiencing on your head.

You need to know that some of the challenges you will encounter during the initial stages of allowing hair to sprout from your face will not necessarily be the same ones you encounter a few weeks from the start. Beard itch, for example, will be something for your skin to contend with over the initial phases of the beard-growing process. You know how your hair can get split ends? Well, you can have beard split ends as well! If you can live through this phase of the beard-growing process, you will be well on your way to achieving your beard goals.

Find Your Inspiration

If you have not yet done so, you might want to establish some beard goals. Are you planning to grow a long beard, medium-length beard, or will you be content with a close-cut beard? If you are not sure yet what your end goals are, it is okay. The great thing about growing a beard is that there is no single “right” answer. You can always trim it should it grow too long or just shave it all off and start over from scratch. Not sure where to look for beard inspiration? Check out social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest for images. There’s no shortage of admiration posts about best beards in the NBA, celebrities, or men who just enjoy boasting about the quality of their beards.

Build Your Beard Care Products Arsenal

How’s your beard care product arsenal? If you are just getting started, you might still be trying to gather your list of what beard care products are necessary to support you on this journey. If you are not new to the beard game, it may be time to re-evaluate the products and tools you are using on your beard.

Initially, there is a lot of trial and error in finding the best products for your skin, your beard texture, your lifestyle, and so many other factors that can affect the speed and thickness at which your beard grows. Beard experts agree that at a minimum, you should stock your beard arsenal with a minimum of the following beard care products:

These are just a few of the products you should add to your beard arsenal. Keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank out of the gate. Your facial hairs may sprout overnight on your face, but it is highly unlikely that you will transition from having a bare look to James Harden in 24 hours. Pace yourself and slowly build your arsenal over the next few weeks and months.

Take Care of Your Skin

Do not deny the power of your skin. The quality and health of your skin is the foundation of your beard. You must cleanse and moisturize your skin consistently for the best results. The keyword is "consistency". Ingrown hairs, beardruff, inflammation, and skin irritation can rear their ugly head at any time.

Cleansing the skin beneath and around the beard is absolutely necessary for the best results.

Groom Like Your Beard Depends on It

Speaking of cleansing your skin…your beard grooming practices should be consistent. When you jump in the shower, slow down and take the time to cleanse your beard with a good beard wash. Beard washes are designed to help you take care of your beard. They contain the right blend of essential oils and other gentle ingredients that won’t strip your beard or rob your skin of their natural oils.

Next, beard conditioners or leave-in conditioners will help to soften your beard and help to keep split-ends from triggering rough beard episodes.

Moisturize Your Beard

Moisturize your beard! Dry beards can reverse all of your hard work. Dry beards are often brittle and susceptible to thinning or even triggering a phenomenon known as patchy-beard. One of the best things you can do for your beard is to use hydrating beard oils that infuse moisture and help to strengthen your facial hair.

Trim Your Beard

Split-ends can devastate a good beard. Long-beard champions should aim to trim their beards a minimum of every other month to prevent damage from destroying your hard work. Short-beard heroes may need to trim their beards every two weeks. If you are just getting started with growing your beard, don’t be too quick to begin manicuring your face during the first few weeks. Allow your facial hair time to grow for a few weeks. Yes, it may get a bit unsightly initially but work on moisturizing, generating shine, and taking care of your skin.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Work on getting healthy. The foods you put into our body can drive the success of your beard growth journey. Fruits and Vegetables are always a good start. Still, you will want to choose foods that are rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E. Vitamins and minerals are critical for the structure of your beard hair and also play a significant role in supporting blood circulation.

Next, ensure that you get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep. Poor sleep habits can stop your beard growth efforts in their tracks.

Be Okay with Starting Over

Finally, if your beard doesn’t take off the way you had hoped, or you do something to destroy the essence of that beard, it’s okay to shave it off and start over. Sometimes, best-laid plans do not come to fruition the first time or the second time. If at first, you don’t succeed, try again.