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Best Beards in the NBA

Who has the best beard in the NBA? Beards in the NBA have become a trend in recent years. Sure, not every beard is top quality, but there are few beards that you cannot help but notice and give props. Some are thick, while others give us texture and vibrancy. Some beards are well-groomed, while other beards simply demonstrate fluffy magic.

If you have not set your beard goals just yet, there are definitely a few NBA beards you should check out for inspiration. No matter what you might think about some of these players, you cannot deny the secondary trademark that graces their faces.

Here are a few NBA beards that we think are worth mentioning:

Patty Mills

Patty Mills - San Antonio Spurs

Patty Mills of the San Antonio Spurs demonstrates that not every beard has to have a significant length to still look good. Although this Aussie’s ultimate goal might be to match a few of his peers in the industry with length and additional volume, this medium-length beard still earns style points for shape and order.

If you find that you are struggling with keeping your medium-length beard in order, you might try incorporating beard balms into your beard care regimen.

Beard Balms are an excellent product to support efforts tame a beard. Additionally, check the quality of your beard brush. Beard brushes not only help to reestablish order, but they will also help to protect the texture.

Lebron James

Lebron James - Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James’ beard stands in a class of its own. This beard is groomed, vibrant, and healthy, as evidenced by the thickness of his facial hair. To keep your beard vibrant, choose beard oils like Beard Organics Fit For A King Beard Oil, which contains the perfect blend of Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil, and Castor Oil to help boost your shine.

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Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond - Cleveland Cavaliers

In 2019, Andre Drummond shaved his beard in pursuit of a clean-shaven look. Okay –not really, it is thought to have been a hoax pulled off in a green room. In reality, Andre’s scruffy beard ranks among the things beard dreams are made of for those in quest of the perfect beard. Unfortunately, with volume and length comes a lot of responsibility. Beards can become rough if not adequately cared for, developing split-ends, and they can begin to look dull and feel like steel wool. One of the best ways to soften a rough beard is to take advantage of beard washes and using a conditioning oil such as Beard Organics Signature Blend to soften your beard. Softening your beard will help to minimize friction and abrasiveness, and support continuing growth.

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Tyson Chandler

Tyson Chandler - Houston Rockets

Tyson Chandler’s beard is fierce. In a game where athleticism and skill are a requirement, Tyson’s beard is competitive in the image below and demonstrates that your beard can have order no matter the length or thickness of your facial hairs.  Need help with restoring order to your beard? Invest in a high-quality but affordable wooden beard comb. When paired with beard oils, beard combs help to distribute beard oils from too to tip. Beard combs are specifically designed to move through your beard without generating additional frizz or damaging its structure. Additionally, they generally will not tug or snag your hair.

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Fred VanVleet

Fred VanVleet - Toronto Raptors

Fred VanVleet’s beard gives us texture! Protecting the texture of your beard and overall quality for active athletes has to begin with cleanliness. Beard washes are helpful, but there are beard oils that contain the best mixture of essential oils that help to rid your skin of bacteria and microbes that can cause skin irritation, inflammation and ingrown hairs that disrupt your beard’s growth cycle. Beard Organics Sweet Almond Beard Oil contains the right mix of blend of carrier oils, plus Almond Oil which is great for soothing sensitive skin.

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Kyle O’Quinn

Kyle O’Quinn - Philadelphia 76ers

Kyle O’Quinn’s beard is what fluffy beard dreams are made of, and there is no way to ignore the power of this beard’s thickness.

In 2014, to generate awareness about the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Florida mentoring program, O’Quinn shaved his beard.

In an article published by Sports Talk Florida, O’Quinn said:


Do you need help improving the thickness of your beard? Beard products will only get you so far. Consider eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising, or even getting a few more hours of sleep each night. Your lifestyle change could be the break-though you need to improve the quality of your beard.

James Harden

James Harden - Houston Rockets

No list of top beards in the NBA is complete without calling out a basketball player, whose beard is synonymous with beard greatness. James Harden’s beard has perhaps become his trademark on and off the court because it epitomizes the thickness and quality of what equates to a quality beard. He often receives high marks for keeping this beard in check, and avoiding the unruly portrait long beards can sometimes project to admiring spectators. To achieve or sustain this look, you will want to ensure your beard care product arsenal is on point with trimmers or grooming scissors that can help keep your facial hairs in order.

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These are just seven beards of active players in the NBA in 2020. Again, no matter your preference in teams or ballers, there’s no denying the impressive quality of these beards. Choosing high-quality beard products, consistency in grooming practices, and living a healthy lifestyle will help you to ultimately achieve your own baller look.

Hopefully, this list of top beards in the NBA will inspire you to define your own masculine portrait.